Do you have missing teeth? We work with our patients to help them preserve as manyhealthy teeth as possible. However, if you need to have teeth removed or already have several missing ones, we also offer custom appliances to help you get your smile back immediately.After a full and thorough consultation with a detailed oral assessment we will initially send an impression of your mouth to our lab, where your custom prosthesis is made. It takes about a week for the denture to be fabricated and we can then see you back in clinic and adjust it as needed to ensure you’re happy with the results. 

We have three modern dental practices in the South West offering dentures and can see you quickly in either BristolTaunton and Weston Super Mare. Make an appointment online here

Partial or Full Dentures

Dentures are made from acrylic (for optimal aesthetics) or a metal base with acrylic on top of it. There are two main types of dentures:

Full Dentures
– A full denture replaces all your upper or lower teeth at once.

Partial Dentures
– Partial dentures only replace missing teeth and fit into place next to the healthy teeth you still have. If you have any cavities or gum disease, those infections will need to be addressed before your mouth is healthy enough for a partial denture.

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