Multi Tooth Implants

Multiple tooth implants offer a range of advantages that contribute to improved oral health and quality of life. They provide a natural appearance and function, restoring both aesthetic appeal and the ability to chew and speak comfortably. Multiple tooth implants also prevent the bone loss that can occur when teeth are missing. Unlike traditional bridges, adjacent healthy teeth remain untouched, preserving their integrity. This long-term solution promotes self-confidence and overall well-being by enabling individuals to enjoy a diverse diet and confidently interact in social situations.

What are multiple tooth implants

Dental implants can be used to replace several missing teeth. The good news is that in many cases you won’t need as many implants as teeth. If you have missing adjacent teeth, one implant can support more than one replacement tooth. A few implants can also be used to support a dental bridge. While still ensuring you will have a perfectly balanced, symmetrical smile, having implants that support more than one replacement tooth can make implants more affordable for patients who have lost multiple teeth are used to replace a single tooth that has been lost due to trauma or decay. A single implant is placed and a single crown is used.

What Are The Advantages To Multiple Tooth Implants?

1. They look and act very much like your natural teeth do

2. They are easy to care for with a good dental hygiene routine

3. Unlike other solutions for multiple missing teeth, implant-supported bridges do not require support from adjacent natural teeth

4. The implants also act as a partial replacement to missing tooth roots. A non-implant supported fixed bridge or partial denture does not integrate with the jaw bone that previously surrounded tooth roots. Over time that bone may begin to resorb, leading to a sunken look and causing unsupported partial dentures to become loose and uncomfortable. Because they integrate with your jaw bone, dental implants help prevent this, keeping the bone intact and healthy.

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