Single Tooth Implants

Single tooth implants provide a host of benefits that enhance oral health and daily life. These implants offer a lifelike appearance and natural functionality, restoring not only aesthetics but also the capacity to bite and communicate effectively. Unlike older methods like bridges, neighboring healthy teeth remain unaltered, preserving their strength. This durable solution fosters self-assurance and overall happiness, enabling individuals to eat a varied diet and engage confidently in social activities.

What are Single tooth implants

We understand how hard it can be to smile with confidence when you have a missing tooth at the front or the back of your mouth. Here at Dentaquest, we have the perfect solution for a single missing tooth – a single perfectly placed dental implant.

Single implants are used to replace a single tooth that has been lost due to trauma or decay. A single implant is placed and a single crown is used.With Dentaquest’s single tooth implant solution, you can regain the confidence to smile freely and embrace daily activities without hesitation.

Frequently asked questions

Dental implants use a titanium post placed into the bone creating a strong and permanent solution to a missing tooth whilst keeping a natural and confident smile

If you are missing a tooth and are looking to fill the gap one of our skilled implantologist will first asses your situation and decide on the best treatment available.

Treatment time can vary taking into account the amount of implants needed. Overall the implant procdure can take between 4-9 months spread across multiple appointments. The first step to the process is to have an assessment and any scans required, once assessed a full in depth treatment plan will be provided including the post fitting, crown fitting and any other procedures needed. Other procedures include bone graft and extractions.

Local Anaesthetic will be used to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. You may feel some pressure button pain or discomfort.

If the correct aftercare and dental hygiene is used following the procedure a dental implant has the potential to last a lifetime.

Multiple Tooth Implants

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