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Teeth Whitening in Taunton

Are you feeling self-conscious about stains, discolouration, or yellow aging teeth? DentaQuest in Taunton offers teeth whitening services that can help you restore your smile’s natural brightness. Our professional treatments are designed to give you a bright, white smile that we know will help boost your confidence and give you the smile you are dreaming of.

Take the first step towards the teeth you have always wanted by scheduling a teeth whitening consultation at our new modern Dentist in Taunton, we’re excited to help you enhance your smile and improve your overall dental experience. 

Pain Free Teeth Whitening for your Perfect Shade

If yellow or brown stains are affecting your confidence, we welcome you to start your teeth whitening journey with us at DentaQuest. Teeth Whitening can can restore the brightness of your smile, making it whiter while keeping its natural look.

Our teeth whitening process is safe, painless, and has been shown to effectively brighten teeth. Our skilled dental team at DentaQuest in Taunton will customise the whitening to match your desired shade aligning with your individual preferences.

teeth whitening shade matching at DentaQuest Taunton

At Home Teeth Whitening System

DentaQuest in Taunton offers the popular and convenient home teeth whitening option, you’ll brighten your smile at home alongside continuous monitoring at our clinic. The at home teeth whitening system provides great convenience and allows you to adjust your tooth shade whenever it suits your schedule.

To begin, visit our clinic for an impression of your teeth. The dental lab will then craft a clear, soft silicone retainer, resembling a mouth guard. You have control over the duration of the treatment, and noticeable results can often be seen after just three days of use. After a week, you can maintain your new shade with occasional touch-ups. Experience the flexibility of brightening your teeth at your convenience with our home teeth brightening system.

Fluid Abrasion Gentle Teeth Whitening Stain Removal

Fluid Abrasion uses a gentle blend of air, water, and fine powder particles to effectively and gently remove stubborn stains from your teeth. Unlike traditional methods that may induce discomfort or sensitivity, Fluid Abrasion promises a comfortable procedure, delivering remarkable results without any unpleasant sensations.

Secure your appointment today and embark on the journey to achieve a confident, stain-free smile. Our knowledgeable staff here at DentaQuest in Taunton are on hand to address any inquiries and guide you through full teeth whitening process.

We would love to see you here at our brand new Dentist in Taunton where we aim to help you embrace the brilliance of your smile. We offer exceptional dental care, cutting-edge technology, a friendly team of dentists, and all in a beautiful setting! 

Frequently asked questions.

Yes! There are many ways in which you can whiten teeth. The most common method is home whitening kit but at DentaQuest you will get a full in depth treatment plan catered to your needs.

There is no defined answer to the best treatment, every person is different and will require an individual treatment plan

Teeth whitening will never be a painful procedure, if you have any concerns regarding the treatment the dentist will help explain every step of the way.

The only time whitening can be a risk is when not following the instructions from your dentist. We always ensure in depth instructions are provided before you start your treatment and our team are always available to help.

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