Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure with various underlying reasons. Individuals often opt for this process due to factors like limited space within the jaw, leading to the potential for impacted wisdom teeth that fail to emerge fully or emerge at irregular angles. Such impaction can result in discomfort and oral health complications. Misaligned emergence of these teeth can also disrupt existing dental alignment, prompting the need for removal. Pain, swelling, and discomfort frequently accompany partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth, sometimes causing headaches and jaw pain. Furthermore, inadequate cleaning of these posterior teeth can foster infection, gum inflammation, and gum disease.

Additionally, the potential for cysts or tumors forming around impacted wisdom teeth highlights the significance of their timely removal. The partial eruption of wisdom teeth may create crevices prone to bacterial growth, consequently leading to infections and related dental issues. Lastly, orthodontic considerations come into play, as wisdom teeth can undermine the results of orthodontic treatment by causing shifts in newly aligned teeth.

Given these complexities and the variability of oral space, many dental professionals recommend preventive wisdom tooth extraction. Addressing potential problems before they arise can preclude discomfort, pain, and the escalation of dental issues. To ascertain the necessity of wisdom tooth removal, consulting a dentist or oral surgeon is advisable.

The Procedure

Our Dentists here at DentaQuest are on a constant mission to strive for patient comfort, whilst the removal of a tooth especially the wisdom tooth is considered a negative experience we have the skill and training to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. 

Before you undergo any treatment you will have been consulted on everything involved, what to expect and prepared. With the help of our dedicated treatment coordinators 

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